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Dream life on cruise - Cruises have enough onboard activities to provide travelers of all ages with a memorable vacation. No matter where adventurers sail, onboard activities are practically limitless and ships are buzzing with excitement 24/7, whether passengers are looking for a one-of-a-kind dining experience or want to enjoy an evening of spectacular live performances.

Eat and Drink - Meals in the main restaurant and buffets are included in the cruise fare for all ships. You can always get three or more "free" meals a day, along with snacks, some of which are offered 24-hours per day. Coffee, tea, and water (not bottled) are also included, and the tap water is always drinkable on large ships. Considering that ships are feeding thousands of meals per day, the food is very good, with multiple courses and choices. Some luxury ships include the specialty restaurants, alcohol, and soft drinks in their base fares, so they are more "all-inclusive".

Enjoy the Onboard Entertainment - Cruise ships have at least one show every evening in the main lounge. Large cruise ships often have Las Vegas-style revues, with singers, dancers, and amazing sets and costumes. In addition to the main lounge shows, passengers can enjoy piano bars, small combos, and music of all types in the multiple lounges most ships have. Most ships feature comedians, magicians, and even ventriloquists at some of the shows. All of this entertainment is included in your fare.

Exercise in the Fitness Center or Walk/Jog around the Deck - Cruise ships have modern fitness centers with treadmills, weights, elliptical, bicycles, and other exercise equipment that are equal to (or better than) you would find at home. Use of the fitness center is free, but some classes such as yoga or Pilates are fee-based.
A workout sure is much more enjoyable when you have a great view of the ocean. 

Swim in the Pool - Cruise ships always have one or more swimming pools that are free. These pools are often small when compared to those at a resort, but they are be fun for all ages. Ship passengers can also enjoy water volleyball or other pool games. Many ships have separate pools for adults, kids, and even teens.

Watch a Movie - Most cruise ships feature movies on the TVs in the cabins. However, watching a movie on a large outdoor screen by the pool is great fun. These outdoor movies are shown "under the stars' and great free fun on a ship. Some ships also have indoor movie theaters where movies are shown throughout the day.

Play Some Games - Ships often have onboard game tournaments with no participation fees, (i.e. free). These tournaments include basketball, miniature golf, shuffleboard, ping pong, and a variety of other games. In addition to being free, the players usually get points that can be accumulated and exchanged for small gifts at the end of the cruise.

Casino nights - Travelers who like to live in the moment need only walk around the ship to discover the countless activities onboard. Those who enter the casino can cross their fingers and hope that luck is on their side before sitting down at a blackjack or poker table. Of course, all Princess Cruises' casinos feature an extensive cocktail menu for men and women to sample amazing libations before tossing a pair of die onto a craps table.

Enjoy a Free Drink at an Onboard Party - On most cruises, drinks are free at the captain's welcome party. Many ships also serve free drinks at the sail away party.

Take a Nap, Sleep in, or Rest and Relax - Although ships can be full of fun activities and often have a high-energy atmosphere, passengers are not required to do anything. Most cruise travelers find sailing to be extremely restful and relaxing. You can take a nap, sleep in until noon, or just rest and recharge your batteries. Couples and families can use their free time onboard to reconnect and do things together. You're on vacation!

Explore the Ports of Call - Cruise ships don't just sail around the ocean for seven days. They stop over in various ports of call. Exploring these ports is one of the joys of cruising. Just strolling on the streets of small towns or major cities is a great way to spend a few hours or the entire day. And, it's free.
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