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Welcome to Holiday Moods Adventures

20 years celebration

Holiday Moods Adventures is an ISO 9001:2015 certified experiential adventure travel company top rated by National Geographic Adventure and is a fully licensed multiple award-winning company since 1997. Our objective is providing Tour and Travel services of high-quality management enabling understanding and consistency of processes in terms of added value, achieving effective process in performance, and improvement of processes based on evaluation of data and information.

*Mission-    Promoting sustainable tourism with exceptional "Handcrafted Experiences, Stories Adventures"
*Vision -     To be India's Premier B2B Global Adventure Travel Company
*Values -     Protecting the environment, Respecting local cultures. Benefiting local communities, Conserving resources Minimizing waste
*Principle - Purpose before Profits
*Impact -     Promote lesser trodden regions, facilitate life-changing experiences for both hosts & traveler

OUR USP - We focus and offer unique immersive adventure tours showcasing travel chronicles and inspiring journeys. Our routes and trips are led by our knowledgeable guides who are local experts on activities, food, history, and culture. Our philosophy revolves around showcasing our native destinations by stimulating your senses through exotic smells, delectable tastes and soulful sounds patronizing slow travel which will retain amazing memories.

From leisurely hikes to pristine lakes to gentle rambles across Himalayan villages, discover mesmerizing natural wonders and interesting facets of delightful places. From mountain biking to white water rafting expeditions. From the desert adventures to big jungle cats on scenic wildlife safaris, take blood-pumping treks high in the mountains, or simply inhale pine-scented air on meditative forest walks, we have a bounty of outdoor travel itineraries on offer.


Walking & Hiking Luxury Holidays
Multi-Activity Soft Adventure Journeys
Himalayan Treks & Expeditions
Cultural, Heritage & Leisure Tours
School Groups Expeditions showcasing authentic real sustainable experiences

We focus on showcasing great and to be cherished travel chronicles and inspiring journeys with “Value for Money Spent”, moving away from the “lowest possible prices”. Our philosophy revolves around showcasing our destinations by stimulating your senses through exotic smells, delectable tastes, and soulful sounds patronizing slow travel which will retain amazing memories.

  • kittu khullara

    Find the most quaint and breathtaking views at the Himalayan trekking trails that we have to offer, for the most unforgettable experiences in the wild outdoors.

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  • india incoming home
  • school programs
  • travel safe
    Our system for managing safety of all activities are based on detailed risk assessments and safe operating procedures
  • responsible team



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