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Care for Your Feet

>  One’s feet play the most important role during a trek. Your feet have been hard at work walking you through the gravel, streams and uneven terrain. They deserve a well due rest for a maintained performance the next day.

>    Wash your socks and dry them in the sun.

>    Cleanse your feet as often as possible and ensure that the space between your toes is dry.

>    Treat tender feet to a soap and water cleanse, followed by application of powder.


>    An inevitability while trekking, is getting blisters. To know how to deal with them is a wise idea.

>   Step 1: Soap cleanse

>   Step 2: Using a sterilized pin or needle, puncture the blister. Do not remove the extra skin.

>   Step 3: Cover up the wound by application of adhesive plaster or a band aid.

>   Friction causes blisters. Use talcum powder to cope with sweat.

>   During a trek, to keep your feet as clean as your face is a must!


>    Ensure that the shoes you choose are comfortable and well worn, not new.

>   Your shoes shouldn’t be well fitted, but should have enough space for 2 additional socks to facilitate absorption of friction.

>    Try to keep shoes dry whenever possible, and maintain hygiene.

>   Do not dry wet shoes over a fire, instead stuff it with paper and change out of wet socks as soon as possible.

>    A habit to inculcate while trekking is to change socks at least every second day to avoid foul smell, blisters and infection.

>     Lastly, have you tied your shoes properly?

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