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Correct Clothing and Packing


The ideal kind of luggage to carry on a trek is a strong and cylindrical rucksack with a top length zip. Always pad fragile and crushable items with a layer of clothing to avoid damage. It would be wise to carry an additional bag to leave behind the extra things not required on the trek.


Clothing & Tips  

It is important to have an adequately equipped kit for the trek; however any high tech and expensive material is not required. We provide our trekkers with the facility of porters who carry the personal belongings of the participants of the treks. For essentials that must be on your person at all times, such as a water bottle, torch, sun screen, cap and gloves, a small day-pack is recommended. The air at such high altitudes is very thin and hence the sun’s rays are stronger. To avoid sunburn, carry adequate sun screen.


What to leave back at the hotel?

Leave behind any city wear clothing that you may have brought. The bags should be left behind for safe keeping at the hotel and any valuables should be transferred to the hotel safe by requesting the hotel manager.


What to wear on trek?

Your clothing requirements must be determined each morning, judging the temperature and weather of the particular day. Generally, since mornings are chilly in the mountains, you may start out with trousers and a jacket, but shed clothes by noon to a pair of shorts and a t-shirt due to the increasing intensity of the sun’s rays. Store the removed articles of clothing in the day pack.


Remember, once you pack your rucksack in the morning, you will only see it when the next campsite is reached. Carry any essentials or materials you think you may need, in your day pack.

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