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Company Policies

Child Protection Guidelines

(Activity Zones/ Trips)


Holiday Moods Adventures offers tailor made trips, campouts and expeditions for schools children. Our endeavor is to provide safe environment of all activities especially for children . This document has been compiled to assist with managing the safety of the children. The information here describes how Holiday Moods Adventures and its camps will use field trip/ camps / activity center safety rules, keeping children’s participation safe. These guidelines are applicable to all our staff working including free lance trip leaders if any. READ MORE


Crisis Management Plan

* Emergency Response Plan
* Evacuation Plan
* Search & Rescue Plan
* Communication Plan/ Critical Contact List
* Medical Aid Plan

The Crisis Management Plan is our guide for a synchronized response to any major emergencies on Holiday Moods Adventures programs. The plan creates a structure for an effective and competent response. Each urgent situation is only one of its kind so the plan is not regulatory; instead it prepares us to act by identifying the problem and bring into effect requisite communication. READ MORE


Fire Management & Evacuation Plan



A fire management and evacuation plan is a written document which includes the action to be taken by all Holiday Moods Adventures staff in the event of fire and the arrangements for calling the fire brigade. Fire management and evacuation plan is an extension of our “Crisis Management Plan and our “Safety guidelines & SOP’s” manuals which must also be referred to. Fire management has also been laid down for each activity wherever relevant. READ MORE

Guide To Risk Assesments


Holiday Moods Adventures offers tailor made travel packages for schools, universities and corporate groups. Our endeavor is to provide safe environment with all activities assessed thoroughly. This document has been compiled to assist with the completion of risk assessment in order to manage the safety of the groups. READ MORE


Safety Guidelines & Standard Operating Procedure of Activities

(As per recommendation by Safety Commission, UIAA & ATOAI, India)

The information here describes how we as a team will use our operational systems on a daily basis. SOPs are often called the ‘bible’ for daily operations and should bring consistency to the actions of our team. There are three Gs that are critical when it comes to risk management: Guidelines, Guides and Gear. We have addressed all three aspects. The wilderness areas where we operate our trips are sacred places for us. We tread lightly and work as honorary wardens of our ‘great outdoors.’ We endeavor to keep abreast of new developments and keep upgrading our document periodically. These SOP’s listed down are activity specific which encompass most of the activities that our journeys entail. READ MORE

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