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Drinking Water

Drinking Water

It is natural to run out of potable water while on a trek. However, to identify drinkable water sources is of utmost importance. Consumption of contaminated water should be avoided at all costs

The below methods must be followed for clean drinking water:

Employ an outdoor water filter or purifier – For this purpose, LifeStraw water bottles are a great investment. They are perfect for converting any kind of available water into potable safe water. They remove bacteria, protozoa, and incorporate a carbon capsule that reduces chlorine, bad taste and odor. You may buy these bottles from this link – http://www.holidaymoods.net/camping-water-bottles.html

Boil the Water – For when water purifying equipment such as filters are not ready at hand, the best way to consume free flowing water is after boiling. Boiling kills any bacteria or pathogens present in the water hence making it relatively safer for consumption. Let the water boil for at least one minute. After boiling no additional filtration is required.

Use Water Purification Tablets – Another effective method of purifying water is using purifying tablets such as chlorine. A lone tablet can decontaminate up to 25 liters of water, and a couple packs should be sufficient to last a couple weeks.

Avoid – Consumption of free flowing river water should be avoided at best. There are plenty taps available in small villages which may be used without hesitation.

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