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Eco pledge

Ecotourism is FUN!!!
Here are some points to help on our educational journey. Remember, as a responsible traveller, agent, operator, promoter or policy maker, we can have and provide fun while helping to conserve and protect our fragile ecosystems, endangered species, indigenous peoples and beautiful natural environment.


Examples of the length of time litter lasts:
Orange and banana peel                          up to 2 years
Cigarette butts                                            1-5 years
Wool socks                                                   1-5 years
Plastic-coated paper                                  15 years
Nylon fabric                                                 30-40 years
Leather up to                                               50 years
Tin cans                                                         50 years
Aluminium cans and tabs                          80-100 years
Plastic bags & Plastic film containers      80-100 years
Glass bottles                                                1 million years
Plastic bottles indefinitely
Forest Fires

Forest fires, starting from visitor's campfires and carelessly tossed cigarette buttscause extensive damage. Some trees are killed by very hot fires, and replacement ofmature trees may take hundreds of years.

In many areas, firewood is often in short supply. Many small native animals liveamong fallen branches. In alpine areas where the growing season is short, such habitats are replaced very slowly.

Always try to use a fuel stove when camping. Compared with campfires, fuel stoves are cleaner, a lot easier to use in wet weather, they cook faster and don't scar the landscape. Ensure that your party members have warm clothing and good tents so fires won't be needed for warmth.


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