Welcome to Camp Wild Dhauj

List of Things

* Approximately 50 - 60 liters personal rucksack/ duffel bag
* Approximately 25 liters small knapsack to carry essentials (like water bottle, rain protection, electrol powder, medicines, torch, Sun glasses, Wind-proof cheater, camera and accessories etc) We recommend to invest in LifeStraw water bottles which are perfect for converting any kind of available water into potable safe water. It removes bacteria, protozoa, and it incorporates a carbon capsule that reduces chlorine, bad taste and odor. You may buy this bottle from this link – http://www.holidaymoods.net/camping-water-bottles.html
* Plate, spoon, mug
* Personal sleeping bag (Can be provided on request)
* Carry mattress for camping (Can be provided on request)
* Pairs of clothing (cotton shirts/T-shirts, cotton pants)
* Full sleeve sweater/ fleece jacket -1
* Hollofil fiber filled Jacket -1
* Water-proof wind cheater
* Woolen Cap / Hat
* Strong walking boots with hard rubber soles (If possible Vibram)
* Floaters/ sandals with back strap
* Pairs of cotton socks
* Hand gloves
* Water bottle
* Poly bags 10 kgs x 5 no. for packing things for rain protection
* Flashlight/ Head Lamp (with extra cells)
* Personal Rain protection - Water proof sheet/ poncho
*Plastic cord (for packing)
* Dark Sun glasses (not blue)
* Light towel, personal medicines, toilet kit, toilet paper roll, writing material, cold cream
* Mosquito repellent, thread, needle, safety pins, buttons, rubber bands, peppermints, small knife
* Salt, sugar, lime juice, glucose powder etc.
* Dry ration like toffees, chocolates, namkeen, dry fruits etc.
* Sun block factor 70
* Personal medication/ first aid kit
* Camera with extra batteries and memory card
* Altimeter / Thermometer

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