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Our company Holiday Moods Adventures has been highly recommended by British Travel blogger Iain Shiels who has traveled to over 100 countries and writes & recommends only after a first hand experience. Iain rates a trip to India as one of those places which is probably the first third world country with most have, and a must visit.  According to him, the opinions amongst travelers may be so divided, but  he rates India as such a cool destination which is a life time journey. No other country in the world offers such a diversified experience as India does. (Posted on July 20, 2015)... READ MORE

If you’re looking for inspiration to quench your wanderlust, then this list of the best Indian travel bloggers to follow in 2023 is just right for you. Read More 


Exploring innovation: "Holiday Moods Adventures"An adventure holiday company soars high with a .net domain name... READ MORE


"Holiday Moods Adventures" Delhi in first Asian LGBT travel symposium... READ MORE


"Holiday Moods Adventures" New Delhi Symposium Discusses How to Increase LGBT Travel... READ MORE

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